Convertmp3 - YouTube to AVI Converters offers the most convenient and fastest way to convert YouTube to AVI online. The files are always of the best quality and the conversion speed is simply incredible. We’ve gone a long way to finally release the tool that is straightforward and delivers the highest quality AVIs. No matter what device and Operating System you use, Windows, Mac OS X, Linux or any other, you can convert YouTube video to AVI without any worries. It runs on any platform and device, be it a smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC. Our step-by-step instructions will help you understand how to convert YouTube videos to AVI format.

Convert YouTube videos to AVI

  1. Find the YouTube video link and copy it.
  2. Open on your device.
  3. Paste URL in the provided input search box.
  4. Click on the convert button and choose the AVI format.
  5. Once you have clicked on "Convert" you can then wait for a second as your video is converted into the MP4.

You can also convert and download videos from YouTube Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vimeo and many more websites.